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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and all major credit and debit cards with the exception of American Express.


How quickly can I get my tyres?

Monday-Friday half day's notice (if ordered before 12:00 will get them for about 3pm same day) tyres for Saturday and Sunday would have to be ordered on Friday before 5:30.

How do I know when my tyres need replacing?


The following could be signs that your tyre needs to be replaced:

  • Lumps and bulges may indicate the tyre has been damaged internally

  • Any cuts to the tyre, if it is deep enough could leave the tyre unsafe

  • Tyres deteriorate with age and if cracking or crazing is present it may indicate that the rubber is perished and the structural integrity cannot be assured

Frequently Asked Questions


Got a question about tyre maintenance?

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I have purchased my own tyres. How much will you charge me to fit them?

Prices for tyre fitting start from £7.50.


What does the quotes price include?

The quoted price includes tyre and fitting, VAT, valve replacing, balancing and tyre disposal.

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How long will my car take?


The time taken on your car will be no longer than absolutely necessary. However the length of time will depend on the service you are undertaking.

  • Tyre Change:- Approximately 10 minutes per tyre

  • Wheel Balancing:- Approximately 10 minutes

  • Wheel Alignment:- On average 25 minutes

  • Puncture Repair:- Approximately 15 minute

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Can I make changes to my order?


Yes just phone the office on 0151638 0906 and we will be able to make any changes you would like.


Do you offer a mobile Tyre Fitting Service?


Give the office a call and we will try out best to help out in emergencies, depending on location and availability.

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How do I find my tyre size?


Your tyre has a series of different measurements (Width, Profile, Diameter and Speed Rating) which indicates your tyre size. The image to the right explains how you can measure your tyre size.


Why does my steering wheel vibrate at high speeds?


This tends to mean that there is an unbalanced wheel on the vehicle, normally on the front.

What guarantee do I get with my new tyres or part worn?


All our new tyres are guaranteed by the manufacturer against manufacturer’s defects. This guarantee will not cover punctures or any other accidental damage that is not a defect in the construction of the tyre. If you have any problems contact us to discuss the issues.


Part worn tyres don't get a guarantee but if you are unhappy with any of the tyres that you receive speak to someone in the office and they we'll be happy to help.

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Why does my car veer to one side?


This could be a simple thing like tyre pressures or it could mean you need to get your wheel alignment checked on your vehicle.


Why should I consider winter tyres?


Winter tyres do not harden at lower temperatures unlike standard. That means they give you a much better grip on the road and the ability to stop in a shorter distance, increasing your safety on the road.

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When should I change back to standard tyres?


The weather towards the end of March should be averaging nearer 7 degrees in the morning; it is recommended that you change back around this time.


How should I store my tyres?


Stack your tyres so that they are lying flat on the ground (ie the tread is not face down).

Standard tyres

How often should I check my tyre pressures?


Once a month or before long journeys.


What is the correct tyre pressure for my vehicle?


The recommended tyre pressures for your vehicle will be found in the vehicle handbook and/or on a placard mounted on the vehicle e.g. behind the petrol filler cap or on the driverside door pillar.

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If you need some advice or have any questions call us on 0151 638 0906 or pop into our Garage and we will be happy to help